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Re: pbuilder status update


> pbuilder CVS has a rough support for cdebootstrap; 
> it seems to be doing well, today it's not working 
> for me; maybe it could do better sometime.

This morning I've tried again, and apparently it's doing something

I'm planning on getting a cdebootstrap supported version released somewhat

I'd be looking for sponsored upload, since if I'm not mistaken,
and finger dancer@db.debian.org is telling me the correct thing,
my new gpg key is not in the keyring yet.

$ cat run-test-cdebootstrap.log
[OK]   create-sid-cdebootstrap
[OK]   build-sid-dsh
[OK]   pdebuild-sid-dsh
[OK]   pdebuild-internal-sid-dsh
[OK]   create-sarge-cdebootstrap
[OK]   build-sarge-dsh
[OK]   pdebuild-sarge-dsh
[OK]   pdebuild-internal-sarge-dsh
[OK]   update-sarge-etch.log
[OK]   update-sarge-etch-sid.log
[OK]   update-sarge-etch-sid-experimental.log
[OK]   create-etch-cdebootstrap
[OK]   build-etch-dsh
[OK]   pdebuild-etch-dsh
[OK]   pdebuild-internal-etch-dsh
[OK]   update-etch-sid.log
[OK]   update-etch-sid-experimental.log

Junichi Uekawa, Debian Developer   http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/
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