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executable files in examples?


is it alright to make a file in /usr/share/PKG/examples executable?

I reported my wish #281892 to have a file in examples executable to make
it possible to create a symlink on it that is placed in the PATH. Or that
is to say I would like to have the file bogominitrain.pl in examples
executable to symlink on it from ~/bin/. This way I have always the up to
date version (in contrast to copying the file).

But Clint Adams argued the file must than be in /usr/bin. I didn't found
a point on this in the policy and there are many executable files in

$ find /usr/share/doc/*/examples -type f -perm +111 |wc -l

So what is true. Can files in /u/s/d/PKG/examples be executable?

Regards, Jörg.
Objektivität ist die Wahnvorstellung, Beobachtungen könnten ohne
Beobachter gemacht werden - Heinz v. Foerster

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