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Re: runlevels remodeled

* Henning Makholm <henning@makholm.net> [2005-08-15 13:17:02]:

> Scripsit Timo Aaltonen <tjaalton@cc.hut.fi>
> > 2	multi-user, no network services exported, no NFS
> >
> > -more secure service-wise than 3
> > -RH has network here, although they claim that 2 is not used
> Given that it is very rare for machines these days to have banks of
> local ttys attached, is a "multi-user without network" runlevel really
> relevant for even a significant minory of our users? How would those
> multiple users interact with the machine?

My workstation has two heads, with independent Xservers, one for
me and one for my wife. The number of heads is limited by the
number of PCI/AGP video cards you can use. The linuxconsole
project works on a kernel patch that makes this more mainstream.
three(?) commercial companies are selling such solutions. 

But you are right that both my wife and I think that without
network the box is utterly booring.

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