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runlevels remodeled


Is there will to change the current policy regarding runlevels in Debian? I'd propose to use the recommendation made by LSB:


The reason for this is that practically Debian has only two different runlevels:

	-the-so-called single-user mode (1)
	-multiuser (2|3|4|5)

"Single-user" mode is a fiasco, because in /etc/rcS.d/* there are a number of services that really should not belong there. Examples:

	-all disks (including NFS) mounted

..and those that depend on them. So, to correct that the runlevels would look roughly like this:

(S	-as now, services that are needed by all runlevels (except 0,6 of
	 course), most stuff after S30 moved to 2-5)
1	-single-user, only the rootfs mounted
2	-multi-user, all local disks mounted, no network
3	-multi-user + network
4	-multi-user + network
5	-multi-user + network + X

Now the fun part is to decide which not-so-obvious service goes where, and in which order.. I admit that the current system is easy in this regard, but it still sucks...


P.S. I know about the initng-project, but as Mr. Holschuh in one post mentioned (can't find it now, alioth is down), this can be done separately

P.P.S No, I'm not a DD, just a sysadmin that would like to make a contribution. No need to CC me though, I'm subscribed to this list.

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