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Re: Dogme05: Team Maintenance

[W. Borgert]
> as a conclusion of many discussions at DebConf5, I propose to
> maintain all packages by teams.

I agree that it is good to maintain packages in teams, to make sure
the project is less vulnerable to single maintainers going on
vacation, becoming sick, being run over by a bus or other things that
tend to happen to people from time to time.  I really wish all the
base packages was maintained in teams, as these are vital for the
stability and progress of the debian distribution.

It might be a nice goal to get all packages maintained by teams, but
seeing that some people have problems with team work, I suspect it
will be hard to achieve.  I welcome co-maintainers for all of my
packages, and hope the rest of the debian developers maintaining
packages will do the same.

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