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Re: what happened to RunDinstallHourly proposal?

kamaraju kusumanchi <raju.mailinglists@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi
>    I was just browsing through the wiki and came across this very
>    interesting idea. It would be really useful if the mirrors are
>    updated more frequently. I need not wait for one day to erect my
>    broken sid machine.
> http://wiki.debian.net/?RunDinstallHourly
> I have also read the corresponding thread on debian-devel
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2005/01/msg00141.html
> I was just wondering if there are any efforts currently undergoing to
> make this a reality? or has the idea been just dropped? What is
> preventing its implementation?
> I guess this is something that should be done by the DDs as they have
> access to the actual machines or is there anything that a normal user
> (like me) can do to make this possible?
> thanks
> raju

Processing time to do a dinstall cycle and pulse all mirrors is quite
high. You would hit mirrors with the next pulse while the old one
still runs a lot of the time and, even worse, update the master mirror
between phase1 and phase2 of the mirror run causing the mirror to be
incosistent for some time.

Also the download traffic would greatly increase with people
downloading Packages.bz2 files every hour.

All that just to break your sid an hour earlier?


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