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Re: Packaging a PostScript resource

Scripsit Alexander Schmehl <alexander@schmehl.info>

> And actually I fail to see what the benefit is of having a small
> postscript document showing me something about barcodes as a debian
> package?  Or am I missing something?  The package I just took a
> quick view at just contains a postscript file, nothing more.

As far as understood the poster, the ps file contains a generic
Postscript library for drawing barcodes.

Unfortunately, in addition to the library, the file also contains a
page description for a test/demo page. This makes it unreasonably
difficult for generators of postscript to just include it in their
prologue, because they would need ad hoc code to cut away the test

I can see some use for a common Postscript library *in principle*.  It
*might* be more straightforward to use in some applications than
running barcode (q.v.) and processing the resulting EPS file. However,
I am not convinced that it should be packaged separately until we have
applications that actually do something useful with the library.

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