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Re: status of jackd? (bug #318098)

On Tuesday 09 August 2005 06:56 pm, Erik Steffl wrote:
>    well, the fixes take forever to get to testing

That is because they need to go through testing and bug fixes in unstable.

>    so while testing seems like a good idea in general it doesn't seem to
> be very appealing in its current incarnation... (I started to use
> testing but gave up)

What you are asking for is to have experimental be what unstable is now, and 
unstable be what testing is now.  If the gcc transition were going on in 
experimental right now, rather than unstable, unstable would go without 
updates to gcc, X, etc. etc. for months, just as testing is right now.

I think if you got what you are asking for, you would switch to using 

Like you, I enjoy using and testing the latest versions of everything, so I 
also run unstable on my desktop.  But to do that, you need to be willing to 
suffer the occasional breakage and pay close attention to everything that 
is going on with Debian.


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