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Asking Debconf questions about database data

Dear Debian fellows,

what's the common practise if a package gets purged and depends on
user-supplied data in a database? In this case these are DNS zones (it's
about `mydns-mysql'). Currently there is a Debconf question in postrm,
which is definitely wrong because I cannot rely on Debconf being
installed at purge time. So I wanted to move it to prerm, but then I
don't know if the package is really purged.

Should one ask such a question at all? And if so, upon installation? I
personally feel that it should be presented on removal if at all
possible because then the user really knows what he wants to do. The
policy itself is about removing all configuration files on purge, but
does this include user data like supplied DNS records?

I noticed that BIND won't delete /etc/bind, if this is considered as a
``default'' location for zone files anyway. It uses rmdir which would
refuse to delete a directory which still contains files. The opinions on
what you need to delete on purge seem to be quite different, so I would
like to try to reach a consensus about this.

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern

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