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Re: Asking Debconf questions about database data

Philipp Kern <phil@philkern.de> wrote:
> what's the common practise if a package gets purged and depends on
> user-supplied data in a database? In this case these are DNS zones (it's
> about `mydns-mysql'). Currently there is a Debconf question in postrm,
> which is definitely wrong because I cannot rely on Debconf being
> installed at purge time.

nowadays debconf is the canonical way to ask questions (policy
3.10.1), so I think it is ok to
a) ask with debconf in postrm purge if debconf is available
b) take the safe way out and do not delete the data otherwise.

Prompting manually using read if debconf is not available would be
perfect but personally I would not bother with that unless the
question is one of life and death.
            cu andreas
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