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Re: Bruce Perens hosts party at OSCON Wednesday night

On Friday 05 August 2005 08:35 am, Russell Coker wrote:
> On Friday 05 August 2005 11:14, Miles Bader <miles@lsi.nec.co.jp> wrote:
> > > Because the intent is obviously to forbid any sort of spam.
> >
> > "Spam", as I understand it, generally means UBE.  Bruce's message
> > clearly wasn't spam.
> The traditional definition of spam is UBE or UCE (that's the way it's been
> for over 10 years).  UCE is the most commonly used definition currently,
> many newbies who have only used the net for 5 years or less think that spam
> is only UCE, so the UCE category of spam is more commonly applied than the
> UBE category.

Ok, everyone has had a chance to show how large their schlongs are. Can we 
just let this thread die and let Bruce buy dinner for some people who need 
jobs? I pray that there are no ACTUAL problems in the future. With all the 
energy put into these discussions of something that's already happened, you'd 
think you could go put some effort into some code somewhere...

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