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Re: Bruce Perens hosts party at OSCON Wednesday night

On Friday 05 August 2005 11:14, Miles Bader <miles@lsi.nec.co.jp> wrote:
> > Because the intent is obviously to forbid any sort of spam.
> "Spam", as I understand it, generally means UBE.  Bruce's message
> clearly wasn't spam.

The traditional definition of spam is UBE or UCE (that's the way it's been for 
over 10 years).  UCE is the most commonly used definition currently, many 
newbies who have only used the net for 5 years or less think that spam is 
only UCE, so the UCE category of spam is more commonly applied than the UBE 

> Non-UBE "commercial" email doesn't seem to be a problem on this list, so

It is a big problem.  The entire point of spamming a mailing list is that a 
single message can go to thousands or tens of thousands of people.  That 
removes the technical issues related to UBE and makes spamming easier.

We still need better anti-spam measures on the mailing lists and other Debian 

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