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Re: What is going on with udev?

On 8/3/05, Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl> wrote:
> [...]
> > Closing, it isn't a bash against the kernel team. It isn't my point,
> > my problem is with this "didn't you know, read X stupid!" approach.
> > Just reply or let anyone else help the developer or user asking us.
> > Didn't he asked the rationale behind it? Just inform on this list and
> > will you sound way better.
> That was not my point. I can understand people not knowing about the
> change and being surprised by it.
> My reaction was solely against the remark that can be read as "... and the
> person who came up with the idea of changing the package name should be
> shot ..." without even asking _why_ the name was changed.
> It is not the kind of change that is in general made lightly and it's
> downright rude to assume it was without investigating first.


I understand your point now, my response was more a 'wake up call' to
stop being rude even when anyone try to start yet another nonsense

Gustavo Franco

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