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Re: Bruce Perens hosts party at OSCON Wednesday night

On Tuesday 02 August 2005 18:13, Bruce Perens wrote:
> Oh my goodness, Adam. If I wanted to advertise, I'd ask the DPL for some
> freebies. I must merit them by now.
> The fact is, some people there might really want to see me. Some of them
> are even my friends. And it happens that I have to be at this party for
> work, and my employer will pay for anyone who brings a resume. Free
> beer, as they say.
> But if the consensus of the other folks on debian-devel is that this
> message did not belong there, I will apologize and withdraw it.

FWIW, I didn't think it was out of line. I thought, "wow, that'd be cool to 
go meet Bruce; too bad I'm not in that area."

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