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Re: I need to know how to create and use Driver Update Disks

On Tue, 2005-08-02 at 18:03 +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Tuesday 02 August 2005 17:35, Allyn, MarkX A wrote:
> > We have some patches that have already be open sourced (ICH7) and are
> > in the 2.6.11 and above kernels.
> >
> > What we need to do is to provide a Driver Update Disk so that someone
> > who is using the 2.6.8 kernel supplied by the stable release (Sarge) can
> > do an install on a ICH7 based system.
> I think the best thing to do is to contact the Debian kernel team at 
> debian-kernel@lists.debian.org and discuss the options for the stable 
> kernels with them.
> The Debian package system does not really like packages (your driver 
> update) replacing files that belong to another package (the official 
> Debian kernel-image package). This means the best option would be to get 
> the patches included in an update of the 2.6.8 kernel (which is being 
> prepared at the moment).

If he produces a new kernel module to add support for this hardware,
there's absolutely no reason why it should conflict with linux-kernel.
Given that it's not a security fix, would he really have much luck
getting a patch into stable's kernel?

Rob Taylor

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