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RE: I need to know how to create and use Driver Update Disks

Thank you Rob.

Here is the situation that I have:

We have some patches that have already be open sourced (ICH7) and are in
2.6.11 and above kernels.

What we need to do is to provide a Driver Update Disk so that someone
who is
using the 2.6.8 kernel supplied by the stable release (Sarge) can do an 
install on a ICH7 based system. 

The current un-ICH7 patched 2.6.8 kernel on Sarge will not install on a
system. The kernel used by the installer, as well as the kernel that is
installed, need to have the ICH7 patches applied. 

We fully understand that the patched files must be loadable modules that
be loaded into an already running kernel.

We anticipate this to be a stopgap measure until the 2.6.11 kernel goes
production (when Etch takes the place of Sarge). At that point, this
should go away.


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On Mon, 2005-08-01 at 13:51 -0700, Allyn, MarkX A wrote:
> Hello:
> I will be needing to create driver update disks for some device
> that we have in development.
> I also need to know how to use them.
> Can anyone please provide me with a pointer on where I can get
> instructions
> on creating and using driver update disks?
> Or are they simply a collection of .deb files for device drivers?

can you be more specific? are you developing closed source kernel
modules, or are these drivers open source? If you can open then (and I
*heavily* recommend you do, otherwise you will spend many tens of
thousands of dollars playing catchup with every kernel in every
distribution), then you should inquire on the linux-kernel mailing list
who the best person is to deal with your patches.

If you are producing closed-source kernel modules, and have chosen which
distros you wish to support  - I presume you wish to support Debian
Sarge - then you need to produce packages with that kernel module,
compiled against the kernel(s) used by that distribution.

For sarge, i suggest you investigate module-assistant and other packages
that use module-assistant (can someone else help with a good example?)

Rob Taylor

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