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Re: please fix your RC bugs

In article <[🔎] b2cc26e40507311033270a4ade@mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> We can't keep the same ABI and toolchain forever, can we?

Well, currently Solaris is doing bit advertisemet that they did not (never?)
break compatibility. However since I am not into C++ ABI I cant comment if
the current interface is ok or not. It is just very annoying that it is
constantly changed, and that the compiler keeps also breaking source.

I do see an advantage in breaking backward compatibility sometimes. This is
a strong point in open source to be able to change old code, commercial
systms suffer from it. Howeer we should not stress this too much. But maybe
that comment needs to go in GCC direction.

Personally I would say to wait for those transitions until the required
source changes have reached upstream. And especially I dont see the need for
urgend calls to fix those trivial bugs.


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