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Re: Please participate in popularity-contest

[Michelle Konzack]
> Are there really only 5398 machines in i386 ?

Well, you need to remember the 620 reports without any arch info.  95%
of them are probalby running i386 as well. :)

> I cant belive it...  I have already 13 i386 machines with popcon and
> now I will install it on my Macintosh IIvx, my SPARCstation 10, my
> iMac and my new Digital Alpha 64/166 (bought for some days on eBay)
> And on most Desktop PC's I have installed at my Clients, popcon is
> running.  Maybe around 150 PC's in Strasbourg.

Great.  Please keep up the good work, and try to get more people to
participate as well. :)

Perhaps some of the reports got lost in the mail?  Hopefully the HTTP
option will increase the participation count.

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