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Please participate in popularity-contest

Please help the install team and others get a better view on the use
of packages in Debian.  To do this, install the popularity-contest
package and say yes to participate.

The results are updated daily on <URL:http://popcon.debian.org/>, and
the information is used to make the Debian CDs, to give developers an
idea of the use of their packages, and the project an idea on the use
of the different architectures.

At the moment, this is the relative ordering of architectures
reporting to popularity-contest.  I would love to see more machines
reporting in.

    1   0.02% m68k
    1   0.02% hurd-i386
    1   0.02% ppc64
    2   0.03% kfreebsd-i386
    3   0.05% mipsel
    4   0.07% arm
    4   0.07% s390
    8   0.13% mips
   16   0.27% ia64
   24   0.40% hppa
   33   0.56% alpha
   72   1.21% sparc
   98   1.65% powerpc
  279   4.69% amd64
 5398  90.81% i386
 5944 100.00% total (ignored 620 without arch info)

New in version 1.30 is support for reporting using HTTP POST, to make
it possible for machines without working MTA to participate as well.

Please direct any questions to popcon-developers at lists.alioth.debian.org.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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