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Re: doomsday not DFSG (was Re: ITP: doomsday - greatly improved engine to play doom, doom2, heretic and hexen)

On Sat, Jul 23, 2005 at 04:13:30AM +1000, Jamie Jones wrote:
> G'day Jon,
> As the unofficial maintainer for the past 6 months, I'd like to chime in
> here. The current version can be built without raven code rather easily
> so it could be made DFSG free with no major loss of functionality.

Glad to hear it. In the case of legacy, it's not so clear - and with
their re-write to C++ code, will be nigh-on impossible, so GPLed
heretic/hexen code is the only way out.

> The fact that no attempt has been made to contact me, when I'm listed in
> the official wiki, and present in the official forums announcing new
> release is disturbing. Us non-DD's don't like having our packages
> hijacked either, especially when we are preparing a new release.

I gather you mean the wiki/forum for the doomsday project and not
Debian. I'm suitably out of touch that I wasn't aware doomsday was
available for GNU/Linux natively, yet - I suppose this is what the ITP
process is for. 

'Hijack' seems a bit strong - I can't find an ITP from you - do you ever
intend to submit your package to debian officially?

> In this case no raven code is in the engine, and the doom or heretic
> plugins, only the hexen plugin is affected.

I'll have to take your word for it on the engine, but surely raven code
is in the heretic plugin?

Jon Dowland
PGP fingerprint: 7032F238

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