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Re: apt 0.6 downloads from second archive?

Graham Williams <Graham.Williams@togaware.com> writes:

> Received Fri 22 Jul 2005  9:27am +1000 from Matthew Palmer:
>> On Thu, Jul 21, 2005 at 07:12:29AM +1000, Graham Williams wrote:
>> > Since installing apt 0.6 on an otherwise up-to-date unstable (except
>> > for anything depending on the aspell libraries...) packages on my
>> > local archive are being overlooked even though this archive is listed
>> > before others in my apt/sources.list. Downgrading to apt 0.5 and
>> > things work again as expected (i.e., most is downloaded from
>> > localhost).
>> Huge (uninformed) guess, but apt may be preferring packages from
>> repositories it can verify the contents of.  Besides, if the versions are
>> the same, then the contents should be the the same too, and (modulo
>> bandwidth charges) which one you get from shouldn't matter.  BTW, the new
>> (twisted-based) apt-proxy rocks hard, if it's your traffic allowances you're
>> worried about (and who wouldn't be in Australia, given what we get charged).
>> - Matt
> Thanks for the guess Matt. I've added a Releases.gpg and it did not
> make any difference. Traffic's not the issue - I download all new
> upgrades early each morning automatically and they go into this local
> archive so that when I get up, a distupgrade used to flash by - not now
> since it has to grab them all again :-(
> I'll have a look at apt-proxy.
> Thanks,
> Graham

What does your sources.list look like?

It seems like file:// and copy:// urls behave differently with the new
secure apt. E.g. they don't get md5sum checked.

Try looping them through ftp or http.


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