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Re: Mass-filing bugs based on piuparts?

Lars Wirzenius wrote:

The way I'm running it now, it installs and purges each package (plus
dependencies), and then compares the state of the filesystem (the
chroot) before and after and reports files that have been modified,
removed, or created. Quite simplistic, really, but good enough to find a
number of problems already.

Sounds interesting as I had the same idea. Is the source available?

My plan was to write a tool which does such checks for a package installation on the most popular distries. But I too much to do with my 'wording' package, which aims to find wording problems in documentation and program messages. At the moment it can parse d-i templates, po and messages out of a PHP-suite; docbook.xml, HTML, POD and man coming soon.

As with your tool I will have the same problem of mass-filing bugs. I hope to support this semi-automatically for my own convenience.

Helmut Wollmersdorfer

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