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Mass-filing bugs based on piuparts?

I'm running piuparts, my package installation, upgrading, and removal
tester, against etch. It takes a while, and produces a fairly large
number of error logs that need to be investigated manually. This
sometimes reveals a bug in piuparts, and sometimes in the package, or a
depency of the package.

When there are problems in packages, I would like to file bugs. This is
potentially a large number of bugs, up to hundreds. I want to file them
one by one, not all at once, since it will take weeks or months to go
through the entire archive. A few bugs a day, in other words, not
hundreds all at once.

I will verify the existence of every bug manually, and will attempt to
use the best possible taste in deciding whether something is a bug in
the package or not. For this first run, I will concentrate on the clear
cases: if a package leaves /usr/bin/foo on the filesystem after purging,
it is pretty clearly a bug.

Is this acceptable to everyone? Suggestions on how to do this better?

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