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Re: Usability: Technical details in package descriptions?


> Maybe it would be worthwhile to
> have a weekend, similar to a bug squashing party, where all descriptions
> are proofread and for those that need it, a proposed new description
> filed as a wishlist bug?
> Given 15000 packages, and 20 volunteers, and on average two minutes per
> description (given that most descriptions probably only need little or
> no tweaking), this would take only about 24 hours.
> This would require people who can proof-read and fix English text pretty
> well, however. A checklist of things to watch out for would help, but
> isn't enough.

I would be very interested in helping setting up these "guidelines" and
coordinating the work.

I think it might be good to do this in "two pass", first by just
checking the descriptions and flagging the packages that need work, and
a second pass working on improving the descriptions and filing bugs (it
would imply a real mass bug filing, which is not really recommended, but
seems the better way). 

Having at least two people making the review and two people working on
an updated description seems a must.

I guess a quickly crafted web interface could do the trick.



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