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Re: [RFC] Auto-Accept libs with just changed SONAME?

Em Sáb, 2005-07-16 às 17:22 +0200, Joerg Jaspert escreveu:
> I vote against it.
> Nice example just arrived yesterday: "Just" an soname change,
> maintainer didnt fix his scripts, no files installed in .debs. Simple,
> nice, example against automated addition of files.

This could happen to new upstream versions of non-lib packages and
should better be handled by a lintian check, anyway, no?

What I'm personaly interested in working on adding to katie is a check
to hint a rejection is needed for a package because it depends on a
package not in the archive: a problem which often happens when you
maintain a library which changes soname and a non-lib package which
depends on it and forgets that it will be stuck in NEW. Oops. =)

The first case (missing files inside the deb) can be handled by a new
Debian revision, but the second one can be a matter of downgrading an
upstream version and using an epoch, which sux terribly.

See ya,

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