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Re: [RFC] Auto-Accept libs with just changed SONAME?

On 10352 March 1977, Torsten Landschoff wrote:

> During one of the talks of Debconf (I think it was about shared library
> packaging) there was a complaint that tracking upstreams SONAME changes
> means that your library package will end up in NEW each time it really
> changed. 

And? Hows that bad?

> I'd like to suggest fixing the scripts to only flag packages as new if
> it isn't obviously just one  of these SONAME changes. As I don't really
> know katie etc. I don't know how complicated this is so I don't just
> start to work on it know but ask if it would make sense to others.

I vote against it.
Nice example just arrived yesterday: "Just" an soname change,
maintainer didnt fix his scripts, no files installed in .debs. Simple,
nice, example against automated addition of files.

bye Joerg

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