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[RFC] Auto-Accept libs with just changed SONAME?

Hi *, 

During one of the talks of Debconf (I think it was about shared library
packaging) there was a complaint that tracking upstreams SONAME changes
means that your library package will end up in NEW each time it really

I'd like to suggest fixing the scripts to only flag packages as new if
it isn't obviously just one  of these SONAME changes. As I don't really
know katie etc. I don't know how complicated this is so I don't just
start to work on it know but ask if it would make sense to others.

Basically a library package should be regarded as an update if
	a) the package is already in the archive
  or	b) the package name starts with lib and matches a known package 
  		up to a "-"
  	and the remainder is just -[0-9]+-[0-9]+ after stripping known
		suffixes (like c102 etc.)



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