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Re: about voting for bugs

I like this idea too, since it would allow better prioritization
of bugs, and maybe help for a better planning of releases in
the future. Unfortunately, to really avoid abuse, this would end
in the necessity to introduce some kind of registration and login
mechanism to the BTS.

What about a simpler solution for the beginning? Assumed that
annoying bugs have more replies, the bugs could be sorted by the
number of replies to get an idea of their priority. This faces
towards the idea of sending a "Me too" follow-up as proposed
by Paul, which is less anonymous than a "vote" button which everyone
can push randomly, but still can be used by each user through the
BTS mail interface.

Just some thoughts....



Margarita Manterola wrote:
that are annoyed by each bug. It could be either a simple way to submit
a follow-up to say 'hey, i faced this one too', either just a button on
bugreport.cgi, or something else.

Although I like the general idea, I think that just having a "button"
for that would be too simple for this to get abused.  So this should
be a compromise between a simple enough system that allows people to
indicate the also experienced this, and complex enough that it doesn't
get abused by people (or robots, actually) randomly clicking buttons.

Andreas Fester
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