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Re: about voting for bugs

On 7/20/05, Paul Brossier <piem@altern.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> With all these great news about the BTS these days, it would be nice to
> think about adding a voting feature: a way to count the number of users
> that are annoyed by each bug. It could be either a simple way to submit
> a follow-up to say 'hey, i faced this one too', either just a button on
> bugreport.cgi, or something else.

Why not just submit a 'me too' email to the bug report?
> Provided the system gets used, this could help us to evaluate the
> priorities of our users, highlight bugs that annoy the most users, and
> have another view on WNPP packages. This should also encourage
> maintainers to send updates to the BTS.

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