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Removal of transitional dummy packages

Hello Debian mainainers,

In accordance with the Etch wishlist^wTODOList[1], we need to remove
from the archive all the Woody-to-Sarge transition dummy packages.

This is why Clément Stenac and I have tried to establish a list of the
packages to be removed[2]. This[3] page also explains how the list was

If one of your packages is listed here[2], please remove it from your
control file and ask ftp-masters for its removal from the archive by
filing a bug on ftp.debian.org (of course, we might have made some
mistakes computing this list, please contact us
on <dummy at diwi dot org> should you have any question/remark.)

In a few weeks, we'll start filing RC bugs against the remaining

Consequently, the less remain, the easier the job will be.

Thanks for your cooperation!

[1] http://wiki.debian.net/?EtchTODOList
[2] http://adn.diwi.org/wiki/index.php/DummyPackagesList
[3] http://adn.diwi.org/wiki/index.php/DummyPackagesStatus 

Clément Stenac
Mohammed Adnène Trojette

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