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Re: configure a program -- debconf abuse?

Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> In the last two days I helped a friend with a sarge install who is new
> to linux. We installed the base system with the desktop task.
> Does the new Debian user really care if their fonts are managed with
> defoma, a technology they have never heard of? (And when did defomized 
> become a verb?) There should be a sensible default. Why shouldn't fonts
> always be managed with defoma?
> Is it important at system install time to ask whether cdrecord should be
> installed SUID or not? There should be a sensible default there too.
> The post-reboot (debootstrap) stage asks way too many questions. 
> This is a pity because the pre-reboot (d-i) stage is excellent.

These questions are not asked in a standard, high-debconf-priority
desktop install. You had somehow managed to get the install into medium
or low priority mode.

A standard high priority desktop install asks the following questions:

 - timezone
 - root password
 - fullname
 - username
 - user password
 - apt configuration (3 questions in either of 2 different tracks)
 - task selection
 - X device driver
 - autodetect mouse
 - autodetect monitor
 - X mode selection (approx 2 questions)
 - exim setup scheme

see shy jo

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