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Re: Drop the minor release number

Andreas Barth wrote:

> * Eduard Bloch (edi@gmx.de) [050708 17:10]:
> > Does the release team agree with this change 
> and also debian-release is not a discussion list, so please
> don't CC it for discussion threads.

I think that's grossly unfair.  There is nothing in debian-release's
description to give any hint that it is "not a discussion list". 
Quoting http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/: 

"This is a focused list for coordinating all the people who are
involved with making Debian releases and revisions. "

That seems to imply discussion of the identity of a debian release is
peculiarly *on*-topic for debian-release.

Indeed, quoting further:

"This list is not moderated, posting is allowed to anyone."

If you really want it to have no discussion, then change the description
to say so.

I was considering posting to debian-release in the first place, but
chose to use debian-devel in order to ensure a full audience.  It's fair
to tell Eduard not to CC: debian-release on account that the discussion
is already taking place at debian-devel.  But it's not fair to tell him
not to raise it at debian-release because it's not a "discussion list",
certainly not without declaring publicly that this is the case.  We're
not mind-readers, you know. We can't refrain from misusing a mailing
list if we're not informed about the proper use of that list, especially
when the "misuse" is a logical and natural use of the list.


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