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Re: Debian Mirror Problem

Johann Glaser <Johann.Glaser@gmx.at> writes:

> Hi!
>> There are only 2 cases:
>> Having 'dists/<codename>/<suite>/binary-<arch>/' in the path and not.
>> You could have a Packages file with
>> 'dists/<codename>/<suite>/binary-<arch>/' that is used as if it hadn't
>> but that is rather unlikely.
>> A good indication you are using a Packages file wrong is also if all
>> the packages it references aren't found.
> I found a few Packages files somewhere else than
> 'dists/<codename>/<suite>/binary-<arch>/' and the one with missing .debs
> is exactly one of these. 

Sure. But all of those have to be used with

deb url dir/

and won't follow your assumption of /pool/ being used.

> I changed my script to check whether the "Filename:" field is with a
> './' in front or not. Works for now. Probably another tweaking will be
> necessary in the future, but currently it is ok.

The ./ is a sideeffect of dpkg-scanpackages. You should not rely on
that but just reimplement the right treatment of the paths indexed by
Packages files.

> Thanks
>   Hansi


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