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Re: Debian Project Leader report for 2005-07-07

> Sory that you get the mail twice now, martin, I accidentally sent
> the first one to you instead of the list -.-

Here's my (also) personal reply:

also sprach Michael Weyershäuser <thedude0001@gmx.de> [2005.07.07.1431 +0200]:
> I guess you were refering to chapter 6 of the Developers Reference,

No, I was refering to the policy.

> "Best packaging practices", or something like that. However, the
> Debian Policy doesn't state what is supposed to be a good practice
> but definitely lays out the borders within which every maintainer
> has to stay...

Sure. But I am talking about changes. Those are not made and then
everyone is expected to abide by them. Instead, they are catalysed
from common and proven strategies.

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