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Re: Libtool and packaging

While looking for a solution I realized that it had something to do with the libtool that was generated in the top_builddir. If I used /usr/bin/libtool the -rpath was correct. So with some help from `diff` I found out what seemed to be a cause, enable-fast-install must be enabled.

I'm trying now to recompile the whole thing with taking care to pass --enable-fast-install to ./configure. The funny thing is that now the generated libtool script simply fails. If I change the first line though, which defines the variable Xsed=`sed -e ....` to Xsed=`/bin/sed -e ....` it seems to work. I have no clue why I get this error, I thought it was because of my PATH variable (even though the error isn't `sed command or file not found`, but wno knows), but /bin is there. I really don't understand what is going on.

Anyway, I'll spend another couple of days looking for that (unless someone helps ;) ), but at least it will be done...

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