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Libtool and packaging


I'm actually trying to create a .deb package from sources using
automake, autoconf and libtool. The resulting files consist of some
shell scripts, a shared library and some binaries that must be linked to it.

I'm having the following problem :
the binaries are "temporarily" linked with lib*.la and put into the
.libs directories. When 'make install' is called from debian/rules
though, the final linking with the lib*.so shared library fails because
it cannot be found. The upstream author first installed it in /usr/lib,
and then made the libtool calls. I know that I can inform libtool of the
location of the lib*.so library, but the problem is that given the fact
that I'm installing in a temporary location (debian/mypackage/), the
linking will be made against debian/mypackage/usr/lib/lib*.so. What I
want to do, is to link against /usr/lib/lib*.so even though it is not
there yet. How can that be accomplished ?

I downloaded the flac source, since it used the autotools and libtool,
while building binaries and shared libraries. They seem to use libtool's
relink mode with -rpath. Problem is that I'm not familiar with libtool,
and would like to know if it's possible to avoid this method, by using
'libtool install' and just forcing it to link against /usr/lib/lib*.so

Hope I was clear enough, thanks in advance

Alexis Papadopoulos

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