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Re: Libtool and packaging

> this should all "just work".

Well it almost does. The problem is that in tmp/installation/dir/usr/bin
(actually it's top_builddir/debian/rheolef/usr/bin) I only get the wrapper
scripts created by libtool, and not the executables linked to the library.

I don't have now access to the computer on which I'm working therefore I cannot
copy the exact error message I'm receiving (because there is one, something goes
wrong with libtool when the binaries are installed into debian/rheolef/usr/bin)
but the thing is that when I go and check in the source directories, and look
into the .libs, the binaries there are linked to my shared library at
debian/usr/lib/lib*.so and not /usr/lib/lib*.so).
So something goes wrong before...

> if you provide a pointer to the source package in question we can
> have a look at the problem.
The upstream's author sources are available at : https://gna.org/projects/rheolef
I will give you a link with the control files I'm using by tomorrow.

Thanks for helping me out.

Alexis Papadopoulos

envoyé via Webmail/IMAG !

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