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Re: Getting rid of circular dependencies

Em Sex, 2005-06-24 às 23:57 +0200, Ondrej Sury escreveu:
> One thing is very clear:
> 1. this is (a sort of) abuse of Depends field


> 2. we need reverse Suggest/Recommends field, ie. something like
> Recommends-Uninstall: foo-data

No, all we need is a better handling of what we have today in our
package managers (read APT frontends). A -data package should not really
be presented to the user as something that might add functionality to
his system, but simply as a 'helper package' for another one.

Having a separate 'data' section and telling package managers to
'second-class' libs, data and some other fields might be a good idea. 

> (well, same can be applied to -doc, -common, etc.)

doc is a different problem IMO, it does provide functionality, even on
systems which do not have 'foo' installed. You might want to take a look
at apache's docs from your workstation while working on a server over
ssh and there are many other examples of use for the doc case.

See ya,

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