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Compiling and using glibc-2.2 under Debian Sarge


I'm one of the developers of Omni-bot (www.omni-bot.com). We recently ported
our stuff to Linux and everything works fine so far. We're using Debian
Sarge to compile our stuff.

Here comes the problem:
It seems there are still a lot of users out there running glibc-2.2 based
systems. As Sarge comes with glibc-2.3 by default they can't run our stuff.
While we're using some stuff that might require gcc-3.x, we don't depend on
glibc-2.3 so what I want to do is to compile against glibc-2.2. I've tried
to find prepared glibc-2.2-dev packages I could use for Sarge on the web but
I couldn't find one so I tried copying stuff over from Woody, which didn't
work out as well. I then tried compiling the glibc-2.2 from the official
source I got me from http://www.gnu.org/software/libc/libc.html but I always
get compilers errors in the linuxthreads package.
So bascially I'm pretty much out of ideas so far. I'd like to use glbc-2.2
on Sarge and not switch to an older distribution if possible, as Sarge comes
with Subversion and gcc-3.3.5.

I'd really appreciate any help or ideas.

Marc aka Magik

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