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[Debian Printing] Formation of a Printing Group

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Hi folks,

Printing under GNU/Linux has always been complex, and although it
works quite well nowadays, it's still difficult and error-prone.
Debian has a large number of interdependent printing packages, and
generally a unique maintainer for each.  We could probably improve on

This mail is just to test the water to see if there is any interest in
forming a printing group for coordination between all of the various
printing packages.  Due to the numerous ways of setting up a working
printing system, bugs in one package are often in interdependent
packages, and this would ease coordination.  It's often the case that
you don't know enough about the internals of another component to
properly debug and fix your package.  If we were all aware of the bugs
in related components, this would speed up getting things fixed, and
hopefully make all our lives easier.

It would also be an opportunity for getting some group maintenance of
key packages.  I will be happy to have a co-maintainer for gimp-print,
but because it requires knowledge of several other systems (cups, ijs,
foomatic, gimp, gs etc.), it would be best if another printing
maintainer took it up initially.

If we could use e.g. debian-printing@lists.d.o, this could be used as
a place for all printing bug reports to be forwarded to, as well as
user questions, coordination, etc.

Any thoughts or comments?

[I've only included the major printing subsystems and drivers in the
mail.  Please CC any other maintainers you feel might be interested.]


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