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Re: Getting rid of circular dependencies

Junichi Uekawa wrote on 26-06-2005 11:32:
1) foo and foo-data. There is usualy no reason for foo-data to
depend on foo. foo-data does not provide user-visible interface,
only data, so it does not need to depend on foo.

However, we have some users randomly filing bugs on foo-data that doesn't get uninstalled if it's no longer useful.

Have these users use aptitude.

Document *that* in the policy; or you can monitor debian-bugs-dist and stamp on every bug resembling that.

maybe the policy is not the right place to document that, it would be better to expand developer's reference 6.7.5 (architecture-indipendent data) to include best practices while packaging data so foo-data doesn't depend on foo. Also, including a mention to use aptitude if "foo-data doesn't automatically gets uninstalled while removing foo" is better suited for debian-faq or debian user's guide (I'm filing bugs for both)


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