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Re: dummy packages and "Replaces:" field

On 6/23/05, Roberto C. Sanchez <roberto@familiasanchez.net> wrote:
> OK.  How would I make use of this.  I was going to adopt iceme and
> icepref, but then I saw that they are abandoned upstream.  They have
> become modules of IceWMCP.  I am going to package IceWMCP with the
> intent that it replace iceme and icepref.
> Someone recommended that I use dummy packages of iceme and icepref that
> depend on icewmcp.  But, if I also make icewmcp Replace and Conflict
> with iceme and icepref, will that not cause problems (since the new
> dummy versions of iceme and icepref will depend on icewmpc)?

Well, of course, you cannot adopt both methods.  Either you use the
dummy package method or you use the Replace and Conflict method.

Also, my suggestion is not the answer to a problem, just a starting
point to think about it.  It has been brought to my attention than
"Replaces:" and "Conflicts:" are not enough, "Provides:" is also
needed.  And for that, we would need a Provides that supports
versions, which is not currently the fact. So dpkg would need to be
fixed first.


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