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Re: Reportbug and RFS


* Peter Samuelson <peter@p12n.org> [2005-06-23 15:25]:
> [Nico Golde]
> > what about including the possibility of an RFS in reportbug?
> > I think this would be a good idea because I often see RFS
> > requests which are totally stupid.
> Encouraging people so inexperienced as to post stupid RFSes to upload
> *more* things to Debian is not particularly productive.  It's not like
> it's *hard* to immerse oneself in the Debian development community long
> enough to see how it's done.  Do you really wish to encourage the
> belief that even that amount of effort is superfluous?

Mhm, I don't think the people out there who post stupid RFS
will change their posts if they don't have a good example.
Or maybe a help.

> Well, either way, I'd suggest a separate script.  There's no overlap
> between reportbug and a RFS.  Even overloading it to post ITPs is in my
> opinion pretty much of a stretch.

Ok thanks!
Regards Nico

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