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Re: Reportbug and RFS

Hello Christian,

* Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> [2005-06-23 15:30]:
> Quoting David Moreno Garza (damog@damog.net):
> > You could write the patch, file a wishlist bug against reportbug and
> > send it to the bug.
> Or, even, if you're not able to write the patch (noone can actually be
> fluent in all the damn programming languages in the world...:-)), just
> send the wishlist bug report.
> Of course, we like patches..:-)...but maintainers also like just good
> ideas coming from users (no judgment here about *this* idea, which
> obviously does not seem so good for everyone...).

Ok, I mailed Neil it seems that he started what I want to do
Regards Nico
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