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Re: Greylisting for @debian.org email, please

On Thursday 16 June 2005 23:48, Kalle Kivimaa <killer@debian.org> wrote:
> I do _not_ want to have my debian.org mail forwarding go through a
> greylisting "service". I've had to deal with one too many user
> complaints due to greylisting. If it is a configurable service, then
> fine, other people may have different experiences, but if greylisting
> becomes a mandatory feature, I guess I have to start using
> non-greylisted (ie. non-Debian) addresses in my Debian correspondence.

Why would it be such a problem if you use a non-Debian email address for 
Debian correspondence?  As far as I recall I have never used my Debian email 
address in the From: field of an email or in a Debian package maintainer 

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