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Re: Greylisting for @debian.org email, please

* Andreas Barth:

> First of all, E-Mail is no real time medium. It was never intended so.

My users complain if it's not (soft) real-time, and rightly so For
most users, it's more real-time than a fax transmission because both
parties need not walk to the fax machine.  Today, even an MX hop which
performs virus scanning adds a latency of well under a second (if
configured properly).

Anyway, today a lot of spam is already sent through webmail providers
with poor registration procedures and no spam controls, and these
services definitely have queues.  Greylisting would affect them.  It
helps with the current generation of zombie software, but there are
solutions of comparable effectiveness which do not introduce
artificial delays.  In a few months, zombie software will have been
extended to use virtual queues, so greylisting will be mostly

It may make sense to switch on greylisting for mail servers in address
space with automatically generated reverse lookup, though.  Sort of a

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