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Re: Greylisting for @debian.org email, please

> day.  Many of the false positives were from the same people, who could
> have removed their CBL listing easily.  (If they didn't fix the

Hmmm, IIRC I was among these ones and the reasons was the CBL listing
all dynamic and non dynamic addresses from Free, one of the 2-3 major
ISPs for DSL in France.

And, IIRC, again, I just gave up, routed my mail to you through my ISP
mail server and went to another tasks because I consider I have other
things to do than just hunting down why my address is listed in this
or that blacklist.

No real angryness here...I have been able to circumvent the problem
but, well, no real happyness as well...:-)

About greylisting : that's a nice feature of course. But just try some
day to send the mails you wrote during a long airline flight from a
WiFi hotspot in an airport and do it through a server implementing
greylisting : you'll just find out that no mail can be sent unless you
stay connected for a quite long time.

User-configurable greylisting thus seems mandatory if we want to have

Same for any BL system on debian.org systems, probably, if this can be
made (other people are mail wizards, you included, Blars....I am
definitely not..:-))).

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