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Re: automated updates of debian/changelog considered harmful

Christian Perrier dijo [Wed, Jun 08, 2005 at 06:13:21PM +0200]:
> > Nowadays, the recommended way to update config.sub/guess is transparent,
> > Debian-specific (but friendly to any sort of upstream config.sub/guess
> > usage pattern), version-control friendly, and also non-.diff-bloating.
> Could you develop on that topic (or point me to some good reference,
> of course)?
> At this moment, I'm afraid my way to update config.{guess|sub} in
> lifelines and poedit *is* actually diff-bloating (I have removed the
> automated change to debian/changelog).

Don't copy the files over - Remove them during 'clean' and create a
symlink to them as the first step in 'configure'. (Why remove them?
Because otherwise diff will fail, as you cannot represent the symlink,
and your package build will fail)


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