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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

Eric Dorland wrote:
Using the logo is not possible, as it is not licensed under a free

Yes, sorry - I'd forgotten.

This agreement is not evil, but internally we have to work out whether
we can make this sort of agreement under the DFSG. If you came back
with something non-Debian specific and still gave us the ability to do
the things we need to, then there probably wouldn't be any debate.

The issue is that it has to be X-specific, where X is people we trust to make competent releases of software. And we have to judge X on who comes to us and says "we claim to be competent".

So if there was a Debian clone doing exactly the same thing (call them Naibed), they would be able to get a similar sort of agreement. In that sense, what we are offering is not Debian-specific.


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