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Re: splitting package on arch-dependant and arch-independant part s

В Втр, 14/06/2005 в 13:49 -0300, Humberto Massa Guimarães пишет:

> The praxis is, IIRC, only separate -bin and -data if there is a good
> reason. For instance, if -data is *very* big AND is a good portion
> of the original package AND is arch-indep, then you have good reason
> to split the package. I think the policy does NOT allow for the
> manpages to go in a separate package from the binary, because the
> general rule is that if you can execute something, you can access
> the manpage.

But in most cases binary package depends on data package. So if you
install binary you will have manpage anyway, even it is in data package.
Sergey Fedoseev <sirsigurd@gmail.com>

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